Moments of Mindfulness in a Box

Moments of Mindfulness in a Box
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Product Description

Moments of Mindfulness in a Box: A Unique Gift for any Occasion!

Send someone you love a gift that can last a lifetime!

Moments of Mindfulness in a Box is a unique gift. Packaged with a beautiful peacock theme, this gift will delight recipients as it brings the life-changing benefits of mindfulness into daily life.

Mindfulness expert Dr. Nina Smiley guides recipients through experiences using a carefully-crafted set of cards tied to each of the box’s 10 items. From savoring the scent of a eucalyptus and lavender sachet to nurturing connections through handwritten notes (stamps, pens, and stationery included--the elements of this remarkable gift teach the power of being fully present in the moment.

Moments of Mindfulness in a Box Highlights:

• A Keepsake Box - Store photos, mementos, and touchstones to bring you back to a Mindful Moment.

• Guided Instructions - Learn how to use each item in the box to create a Mindful Moment.

• The Three Minute Meditator™ book co-authored by Dr. Nina Smiley - Invites you to learn about mindfulness meditation without dogma, drama, or delay. Nina’s work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine ; Real Simple; Health magazine; and Martha Stewart Living.

• Pen, stationery, and stamps – Mindfully connect with someone you care about via beautiful, thoughtful notes.

• Harney & Sons Chamomile Tea – Find an oasis of calm in a busy day – be aware of each step, from heating the water to steeping the tea.

• Touchstone – Carry this keepsake reminder to center within and fully experience each moment.

• Journal – Keeping a journal is an opportunity to understand life’s moments, minutes, and patterns.

• Sonoma Eucalyptus Sachet– Realize how being present with everyday moments can be profound.

• Yala® Silk Eye Mask – Breathe slowly, fully, deeply, and as you clear your mind and begin to relax and to sleep.

• Pillow Poems™ – An opportunity to pause for a moment to enjoy a delightful insight.

• Emerald SoapRock® – Enjoy the beauty of this soap rock … Mindfulness is everywhere if we invite it to be!

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